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Hi, I'm Beryl Gosney, a Real Estate Broker and a Short Sale Specialist.  I specialize in working with folks who wish to avoid foreclosure.  Buyers & Sellers pay NO REAL ESTATE COMMISSION and Sellers pay no  CLOSING COSTS.

I am located in Everett WA. and serve homeowners, as well as buyers, throughout Puget Sound. to achieve their real estate goals.

I take Short Sales Seriously!  My team and Short Sale Partners (Legal Law Team Negotiators, Escrow and Title Professionals), have enjoyed a 95% success rate since 2008.  We/they are highly trained and very good at what we do! See our Testimonials.


I have assembled a team of real estate professionals and industry partners to achieve short sale success for distressed homeowner clients. I also own a nationwide Advanced Short Sale Training Center, to increase the success of AGENTS across this country, working with short sales they have difficulty in closing.

Since1995 I have had my own real estate practice here in Western Washington.  I have seen the best and worst of times for our economy, for our people, as well as for our industry.

I am also a U.S. Military Veteran, affiliated with the Navy in Naval Aviation for 27 years, beginning back in 1971.

I have spent a lifetime helping others.  To this day, I especially have a great compassion for our men ands women in uniform, having seen their hardships and sacrifices first hand.

And now, with our economy in a downturn, people from all walks of life are losing their jobs, health care costs are on the rise; there's a lot of stress in our daily lives! Is it any wonder the financial difficulties the American family is having to endure, is beyond the capabilities of so many?  Everyone knows somebody who is losing their home. 

Every month it seems, more and more folks just are not able to keep up with it all.  More money is going out than coming in.

Folks, if this describes your situation, just know you are not alone.  But I also want you to know that no matter how hard it gets or how bad it seems, I WILL  do all I can to assist you in preventing a eventual foreclosure, provided you are at least 45 days from foreclosure, willing to follow the steps in the process, and provide me the much needed information and endorsement to get started. I may not ber able to take away the pain altogether but at least I can lessen some of it and hopefully pave a way for a brighter future than today.

This is all about YOU - not the bank nor the property itself.  YOU and your family!

You do have options and what you and I can do first off, is analyze your situation at the outset, deal with the facts of your situation, determine how much time we have to put a plan into action, and then mutual agree to set out to relieve you of the burden, with the least possible impact on your credit, on any assets you may have, and enable you to progress in the next phase of you and your families life.

I am NOT a lender, I am NOT a loan modification specialist! However, I DO partner with reputable industry professionals who perform both lending and loan modification services for the benefit of my clients.

I am a Real Estate Professional, a REALTOR, bound by a code of ethics I personally embrace, and have an honest conviction that has built me a proud reputation in real estate since 1995.  

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  I must mention, if you are already in contract with another agent as we speak, I can not nor will not breach the agent-client relationship that exists between you.  If your home is  listed for sale,  I'm in no way interested, nor willing to solicit  your listing, from another agent when you are in contract with them. 

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